Adorable Throwback 1930s Kitchen Design Ideas with Minimalist Tone

Unique Small 1930s Kitchen Design Ideas

Sometimes it’s fun if we look back several years ago into year 1930 until 1940 in the history of kitchen design development. Indeed you can’t find any wide center island and some glass front cabinet with a modern tile backsplash decorating the wall. Everything is just perfectly simple back then. This 1930s kitchen design ideas had to be so cool and trendy in the past. The kitchen is using the pale tone and we can say it minimalist in color, such as jadeite green, yellow, or blue. The cabinet in 1930s commonly made from wood in white color, but sometimes they used the small cabinet just to store the herbs and spices. The other kitchen set was stored in the bottom cabinet.

1930s Kitchen Design Ideas: The Countertop and its Surrounding

Pretty White 1930s Kitchen Design Ideas

Since it had the bottom cabinet, 1930s kitchen design ideas also had its countertop, sink, and also stoves. The 1930s kitchen countertops usually painted in green or white color. It’s not granite or any other rock countertops, but it seemed to be ceramic and wooden. The sink was used the stainless steel material or sometimes the farmhouse sink. Instead of using the cabinet, they usually place the kitchen tools on the countertop which make the kitchen looks not so spacious. Accompanying the countertop, they usually use jadeite green or light blue tiles color to paint their backsplash as the same tone as their countertops. One thing that very different is the center island. The 1930s kitchen center island tends to be so small compared to the 2000s. The center island always full of any ingredients that want to be cooked during that day and in some of kitchen owner, there is a small sofa with drawer used to seat when they do the prep.

1930s Kitchen Design Ideas: The Flooring and Lighting

After we discuss about the countertops and its surrounding area in 1930s kitchen design ideas, you must be so curious about the flooring and the lighting back in 1930 then. Back to an era when World War attack the globe, 1930s kitchen flooring tend to have a patterned style, some of them checkerboard style, and the rest is vivid style and oak wood floor. How about the lighting? It’s not unique like today’s kitchen, but it used to very simple in shape and, such as a regular fluorescent bulb. So, do you interest in bringing back the 1930s atmosphere right into your kitchen?

Unique Small 1930s Kitchen Design Ideas

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