DIY Project: Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

How To Paint White Kitchen Cabinets

DIY painting kitchen cabinets white is not that a hard project to do. If our kitchen cabinet looks dull due to the high humidity and heat on the kitchen, then repainting the kitchen cabinet can be the cheap and smart solution. With the brand new paint, we will be able to make the kitchen look fresh and clean. Whether we have painted or paint-less kitchen cabinet, painting the kitchen cabinet can be so easy, as long as you know what to do and where to go for the needed tools or parts. Here are the step-by-step tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets white, so we can turn our kitchen to clean and bright kitchen in an instant.

The first step for DIY painting kitchen cabinets white is emptying the kitchen cabinets. This is essential especially if we want to paint the inside part too. We will also need to move our dishes to another room for at least two days until the kitchen cabinet paint is completely dry.

Traditional Antique White Kitchen

The second step is disassembling the parts and taking the hardware, cabinet doors and drawers out the room. Don’t forget to remove the hinges, knobs and handles too. If we cannot remove them, then we just need to cover it with a paper.

The third step is cleaning the entire surfaces with multi-purpose cleaner. If our current kitchen cabinet comes in solid color or other colors than white, then we will need to sand it and remove the color completely. In other hand, if our kitchen cabinet is already white-colored, then we just need to sand them lightly. Sand the whole surface we want to paint.

The fourth step of DIY painting kitchen cabinets white is applying a primer. Make sure to choose a primer that suit the paint we are going to use and after that, we can apply the first paint coat and sit them until they dry completely. Last, but not least, we can apply second coat and let them dry before we reinstall the hardware.

Antique Kitchen Cabinets In White Colors

11 Photos of the DIY Project: Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

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