DIY Tips: Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

Red Wall of Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

Glazing kitchen cabinets is considered as the easiest project available when it comes about giving new look to your kitchen area. It is also the cheapest job to do. By doing it yourself, you can even minimize the cost to the lowest possible level, giving new opportunity to save more of our money along the way. So if you haven’t done it before and wanted to know the best way to glaze your kitchen cabinets, here is how to do it.

First you have to empty the containers of the kitchen cabinets. This is necessary to avoid splatters and messes as you work on the project. Once the containers are empty, next you need to remove the drawers and everything attached to the cabinet. As you’re doing it, it is important to keep these removed stuffs away from your work areas and place it safely at someplace. And before you start glazing kitchen cabinets, you may want to cover the counter, floors, and even walls with something that will protect the area, such as plastic sheets or plastic drop cloth.

Natural Element of Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

The time has come for the glazing kitchen cabinets. There are many options of glazed paint products available in the market and price isn’t the best indicator of quality. You need to be sure selecting the ones that are known with high level durability and quality. Apply thin coat of glaze paint to the cabinet, be sure to follow the pattern of the material for the best result. Once finished, let it dry completely, and re-attach the drawer and everything you removed earlier as well as putting back all the things to its original place.

10 Photos of the DIY Tips: Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

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