Wonderful Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets: Ethnic and Modern Combination

Minimalist Kitchen with Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets

The beauty of Italian style kitchen cabinets is always able to make a kitchen looks more beautiful. Well, modern design era, territorial character like France or Italian design like this is not really matter. However, we can just deny that those special design styles are always able to add something that make world design richer in the form and style. There are some beautiful Italian cabinetry products that now collaborate with minimalistic design. As we all know that minimalistic design is the one that give the identity of modernity in every space decoration or furniture design. It seems that this ethnic and minimalist design combination will be able to become the new trend in kitchen decoration.

There are some examples of contemporary kitchen cabinets that able to expose Italian character in modern minimalist kitchen setting. Take a look at this beautiful contemporary Italian kitchen design that developed by EVAA Home Design Center. In this lovely kitchen decoration, you will able to see such a lovely Italian design character in every inch of the kitchen. Although all of the elements that involve in this astonishing kitchen design is manufactured by modern manufacturers, the strong classic Italian character is still emerge in the design, which is amazing.


The Highly Minimalist Kitchen Design that creates by Korn Interior Design, Inc. is the other creations that will able to expose the combination of modern design with Italian design. In this condominium kitchen setting, you will able to feel and see the Italian design character but all of them come in highly modern design performance.

The design that exposed by those beautiful kitchen setting is indeed something that can become such a great example of how Italian design involve in modern kitchen creation. Italian style kitchen designs are always all about open space and ethnic Italian design character, just like what was exposed by those examples above.

Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets Completed with Pendant Lamps

10 Photos of the Wonderful Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets: Ethnic and Modern Combination

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