Classic Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans for Your DIY Table Making Project

Interesting Simple Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans

Farmhouse style seems making a comeback kick. Farmhouse table will bring your dining room a romantic good old time feeling. With the oldish style, the retro table will make you become like a farm kid. The table will become the perfect partner to accompany you and your family in a dinner. Who doesn’t love to have a meal in a beautiful looking table? And why don’t you make it by yourself? A farmhouse table doesn’t need expert level of carpentership. The imperfectness of the farmhouse table will add as a decorative uniqueness on the table. Prepare your tool to make the farmhouse kitchen table plans.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans: Basic Planning

Cool White Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans

First thing first, you have to prepare the lumber. For a farmhouse kitchen table plans, you can use construction lumber to give it sturdier looks. But make sure you let it dry in the sun for some weeks so that the moisture will be gone. For a four to six people you pick three pieces of lumber with the length 61 inches and put it together to make the tabletop. For the legs, choose four 29 inches of sturdy and thick enough lumbers so that the table won’t be too high. As for the apron and the stretcher, you can adjust it to your need. Make sure you measure every detail of the lumber. Ready your chisel and saw to start working on classic table plan.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans: Add The Coating

Your farmhouse kitchen table plans isn’t finished yet. Do the polishing to make a perfect kitchen table. Sand off the table to smooth the surface. 80 grit paper and then goes down with the finer grit until you use the final 220 grit paper. Then do the coat. Two coats of Jacobean-tinted polyurethane should do the job. Let it dry and coat with thin layer of wax to make a shiny finish. Your farmhouse table is ready to use.

Beautiful Minimalist Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans

10 Photos of the Classic Farmhouse Kitchen Table Plans for Your DIY Table Making Project

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