Getting Started to DIY Painting Old Kitchen Cabinets

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Painting old kitchen cabinets can be a good idea if you decided to make best use of the old cabinets. This also a quite cheap project as long as you choose everything right. If we don’t like our current kitchen cabinet or we are getting bored with it, but we don’t have enough money to replace the whole kitchen cabinet with the new one, then we just need to repaint it and you’ll make it look new.

The cost of old kitchen cabinets repaint project can be higher when we need to make certain replacements, such as replacing the knobs or hinges with the same color, or so on. If our old cabinet is still in a good shapethen we’d only end up spending couple bucks for hardware replacement. But if we want the customized pulls or knobs, the price range is quite wide, from $10 to $140 each. As said before, the cost for painting old kitchen cabinets depends on the material we decided to use.

Antique Kitchen Cabinets for Vintage Kitchen

If we are thinking about doing the project by ourselves, then we might only spend less than $500. But sometimes, we have to add about $60 of investment to buy tools. At some points,painting old kitchen cabinets can cost you a bit expensive, but it is definitely so much lower when compared to the cost we have to pay for whole cabinet replacement. And yes, the project is also take much of time and efforts to accomplish. In that case, you might want to spare couple days of your valuable time to work on the project.

10 Photos of the Getting Started to DIY Painting Old Kitchen Cabinets

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