How to Repaint Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Clean Maple Kitchen Cabinets

No matter what the reason you have that get you to decide repainting maple kitchen cabinets, it’s still a fun thing to do. It’s so easy to do that you can even do things on your own. Or if you want to you may invite the family members to join the project and consider it as another fun family activity to do during the weekend. And back to topic, as we said earlier, repainting a maple cabinet is so easy that it doesn’t require any advanced skill or tools. So here’s how to repaint kitchen cabinet, a special guide to follow for anyone with zero experience in the work.

First, you need to remove stuffs stored inside the cabinet as well as also to disassemble shelves in it if possible. This is necessary to give you access to every inch of the cabinet area. Once it’s empty, you may start cleaning the surface thoroughly. Wipe down the dust and dirt out of your maple kitchen cabinets. For hardly removed dirt or stains, you may use cleaning products. Use only mild cleaner to avoid damaging the cabinet surface.

Beauty Maple Wooden Kitchens

Maple kitchen cabinets are basically easy to clean. And once it’s done, next is sanding the wood. Use soft to medium sand and apply it to both exterior and interior areas of the cabinet. Painting can be started once you have thoroughly sanding the cabinet surface. Use all-in-one primer and paint. Follow the instruction carefully to avoid mistakes and let the paint completely dry. The last is applying coating to the dried paint as finishing.

10 Photos of the How to Repaint Maple Kitchen Cabinets

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