Is Standard Kitchen Cabinets Size Necessary?

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There is no one-fit-all size when it comes about kitchen cabinets. Even if you ask about the standard kitchen cabinets size, you’ll be disappointed to know that there is no such standard size in kitchen cabinet. However, there is one size that are commonly being used by the manufacturers to sample their products, that is 24”x34.5” for base cabinet and 12”x30” for the upper unit. And how you determine the size of cabinet to be used should be measured according to the space available in your area.

While the width and depth of the cabinet limited to the space availability in your kitchen, there is no limitation for the height instead. Yes, it is important for you to choose cabinet with proper height that would keep you comfortable working on it. This is why, it is essential for anyone to try the cabinet first before they decided to pay for it. Try to simulate the situation and see if you will feel fully comfortable to do various kitchen tasks and works with it. Remember, you will spend years to come with these cabinets and in that case you need to be sure it’s the one you’ll feel comfortable to have.

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While relying on the standard kitchen cabinets size might avoid you from getting optimum result, in that case you’d want to consider making your own custom size and look for the ones that has closer size to yours. So, take your time measuring the dimension of the desired cabinet and explore the market for the best options available.

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