Lighting for Small Kitchens with Pendant and Under Cabinet Lamps

Glass Pendant Lighting for Small Kitchens

Sometimes, it is difficult to work with small space just like selecting the best lighting for small kitchens. The main idea of lighting for small space is to give enough lighting so that the space will look larger. At the day, it is not a big problem since having a wide transparent glass window will make the kitchen have bright enough lighting. But at the evening, electrical lighting is absolutely needed. Then, what kind of lighting that you actually need?

Lighting for Small Kitchens with Pendant Lamps

Ceiling Track Lighting for Small Kitchens

Pendant lamps are, indeed, popular for any kitchen. Yes, they are good for traditional and modern kitchen. Usually, they are located above the kitchen island. Indeed, they are the favorite lighting for small kitchens island. You may have three or more pendant lighting for small kitchens. Besides they are to support the interior lighting, they are also to support the kitchen decoration. Thus, you should be wise in selecting the design. For modern minimalist style, three small pendant lamps are enough to be installed above your kitchen island.

Lighting for Small Kitchens with Under Cabinet Lamps

The other popular kitchen lighting is lighting for small kitchens table. The lighting is commonly supported with under cabinet lamps. Besides it gives you a chance to more easily work with your job in the kitchen, it is also good for decoration. With the lamps under the upper cabinet, you will have a catchy lighting decorating the backsplash. Then, make sure that the lighting for small kitchens under the cabinet is in a good installation.

Spot Lamps and Track Lighting for Small Kitchens

10 Photos of the Lighting for Small Kitchens with Pendant and Under Cabinet Lamps

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