Particleboard or Plywood Kitchen Cabinets?

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Plywood kitchen cabinets or particleboard? This is one of the biggest problem people have to face when purchasing kitchen cabinet. Both priced reasonably, has extensive design options, and available in various sizes and concept. It just lead many people feel confused in deciding which one is the best for them to invest their money at. And if you are among the millions people out there whom feeling lost the compass to know which one is better between plywood and particleboard, here are the facts you need to know about these two materials.

Compared to plywood kitchen cabinets, the particle cabinets have much more options to go in the market. The reason for this is simply because particle boards are easier to form and shape, while at the same time the material is also less expensive due to the re-usage of waste materials. This is the eco-friendliest material ever used to create furniture, which usually become the main choice for those who want to start green living.

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However, with all the benefits above doesn’t mean particleboard cabinet is better than plywood. When it comes about durability and strength, plywood kitchen cabinets are better than particleboard. Plywood kitchen cabinets won’t easily to swell due to moisture and it’s also easier to treat. You can clean plywood kitchen cabinet from stains or dirt by using soft dry cloth. Or if the dirt is hard to remove, it’s still permit-able for you to use mild cleaner product sprayed to the clean cloth. In other hand, applying liquid to particleboard furniture may risk of damaging the material instead.

10 Photos of the Particleboard or Plywood Kitchen Cabinets?

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