The Common Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes that Must be Considered

Brilliant Plans Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

In putting the kitchen cabinet you usually have to deal with the size of the cabinets and the size of your room because it influences each other. If you have cabinets that don’t have the right size your kitchen must be looked ridiculous. There is a standard kitchen cabinet sizes that usually used by many people.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes for Base

Fantastic Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes Design

Kitchen base cabinets have big impact in the kitchen design it installed in the kitchen floor. Here are the standard kitchen cabinet sizes for the base. Height is about 34.5” if the countertop materials added it can be 36”. Depth is about: 24” and it tend to be limited to 24”. Deeper base cabinets will make you difficult to reach the counter back or to plug in appliances. Width is about 18”, 12”, and 24” for filler cabinets that can accommodate pull outs. 30” is for single basin sink, 33” can accommodate a double basin and offset sink, 36” to accommodate a double basin sink and 48” is the larger size base cabinet but it’s not often used for DIY because its unwieldy.

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes Width, Height, and Depth

Beside the base cabinets that have common sizes there are other sizes for kitchen wall cabinets. Wall cabinets are used for food storage and it’s the kitchen implements lightweight. It installed to the wall studs with screws. Here are the standard kitchen cabinet sizes for wall and tall cabinet sizes. For the wall cabinets, the heights tend to be limited because it needs to fit between the counter and the ceiling. 12”, 36” and 48” are the common sizes of wall cabinet’s height. 12” cabinets are usually installed over the refrigerator. The depths of wall cabinets are 12” to 24” maximum because it can’t exceed the depth of the base cabinets. As for the widths its 30” for single or double door wall cabinet and the cabinets can be as narrow as 12” or 15”. For the tall cabinet sizes the height are 84” that gives you a foot of breathing room upper the cabinet meanwhile 96” cabinets is touching the ceiling (for 8’ ceilings standard). The depth is from 12” to 24”. The 12” deep pantry cabinets used for food storage and it is very common. The widths are 12” for narrow pantry cabinets that hold more foods. 36” for pull outs and storage on the doors and 24” is another common width for pantry cabinets

Incredible Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes Ideas


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