Warm Wooden Kitchen Countertops with its Simplicity

Perfect Contemporary Wooden Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Who said that wooden kitchen countertops sound so boring? Neglect that entire rumor, try it for yourself! You will be love the idea of having wooden kitchen countertops instead of the marble and granite countertops. Installing the wooden things for example, in your center island can make all the attention onto it and it can create a warm feeling compared to the other material of countertops. So, let’s check it out all things about the wooden countertops here!

Wooden Kitchen Countertops: Low Cost

Epic Modern Wooden Kitchen Countertops Design

Why we insist in suggesting the wooden kitchen countertops? It is all because its price. The wooden kitchen countertops cost is almost low compared to the other materials like granite, marble, or stainless steel. The price is ranged from $35 until $200 per square foot. If you compare with the rocky countertops, the price is higher in the range from $125 until $250 per square foot. So, it’s very appealing right?

Wooden Kitchen Countertops: Pros and Cons

In the other hand, wooden kitchen countertops have so many pros compared to the cons. First thing is wood countertops are sanitary for chopping meat, and hot pots and pans can safely be placed on the surface because wood countertops are heat-resistant. The wooden countertops are durable and withstand moisture well. The preservative thing in wooden countertops is also easy because it just need a mineral oil. The cons are very rare, except for its pride if you place it in the luxurious house may be, but come on, and are that important? After talking about the wooden kitchen countertops pros cons, do you interest?

Creative Wooden Kitchen Countertops in Rustic Style

10 Photos of the Warm Wooden Kitchen Countertops with its Simplicity

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